Unite, Conquer, Hodl

The Multiverse Brotherhood started as a spark, a small flicker of hope in the darkness... 

We are the MvB. A group dedicated to promoting, playing, and conquering enjin powered blockchain games.

Enjin Revolution

Every revolution begins with a spark... The MvB has become that spark.

As the first Enjin Multiverse Guild  it is our mission to promote, play, and conquer blockchain based games, specifically enjin powered ones. 

After the formation of our guild, we inspired the Enjin Community and lit a fire that will not be put out. New websites have been created, different factions have formed, and everyone is hungry, hungry for the Enjin revolution to begin.

We are all huge fans of Enjin and what the project is trying to achieve. Simply put, Enjin is trying to bring blockchain technology to everyone, simplifying the process of integrating the technology. 

The idea of a gaming multiverse is what excites us most. With Enjin, a "Ready Player One" type experience is finally possible... it truly is the start of a revolution. 

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