A Multiverse Story: Part 1

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A Multiverse Story: Part 1

        I sat aboard the S.S. Epsilon with our sister ship S.S. Trigmond beside us, our combined crew of nearly 1000 men watched on as a black hole circled closer and closer towards the Delta quadrant of segment 9LA. There was little that could be done to stop its ultimate obliteration. When a black hole lays claim on a segment, it’s as if it never existed, lost in time and space. As captain of the Epsilon for nearly three decades, I’ve seen my fair share of the multiverse captured and destroyed by blackness. This time was no different.

        My crew and I were on a voyage to segment 9LA in hopes of learning more about the population of the sector, when we stumbled upon a black mass that churned its way closer, closing in on the outskirts of 9LA and its inhabitants. My crew and I had tried to get word to the quadrant to assist their immediate evacuation, but it was as if our communication was incompatible or unreadable. There was nothing we could do, so instead we were forced to watch as the black hole encompassed a segment that would never be understood.

        Within minutes, the entirety of 9LA was gone, my men dismissed themselves from the main cabin to return to their positions. I sat facing the span of glass that separated me from the multiverse, wondering if fate would have it that one day my crew and I would also be taken by the darkness. It was then that I saw it. One minute there was nothing, and the next I was fronted by a fleet of black ships emerging from the depths of the black hole. 100 spaceships, unscathed, flew straight towards our ships. One fired a single space torpedo of an energy type never before seen straight at the S.S. Trigmond, destroying it and her crew instantly. Before I could tell my crew to get to their battlestations the black ships bared left and flew off at speeds far faster than any ship I’d ever seen. I never saw any of those godforsaken ships after that day, and will never understand why they did not engage my ship as well. I've heard horrific stories of these ships before, but thought they were only legends, myths to keep us from flying too deep into the unknown.  But I know what I saw. They were death ships, Ragnaroks, survivors of the end of times.

To be continued…