The Beginning

The Beginning

The Multiverse Brotherhood started as a spark, a small flicker of hope in the darkness...

When the Multiverse was first discovered, most did not understand its nature—or its true potential. Societies fell as they gave in to greed, a common attribute of semi-intelligent civilizations.  Many civilizations that found the secrets of the multiverse did nothing with them, for they had no idea what this newfound Multiverse could become or what these new worlds meant.

The truth is, over time, every world faces complete destruction. Whether from foreign powers occupying peaceful planets, their own unsustainable plundering of natural resources, exploding suns, or infinite other possibilities that face the infinite versions of the infinite worlds that span the Multiverse. The only solace was to come with the forming of an alliance that defied primal instincts, born of dreams, forged by compassion, and built by imagination. This alliance would redefine the Multiverse forever.

During these dark and bewildering times, ten noble kings who were spread across worlds and galaxies saw a better way. A future worth fighting for—where resources, knowledge, and dreams could be shared between infinite realms. Where they could remove the worst parts of their worlds, and replace them with the best parts from others. These ten kings formed The Multiverse Brotherhood, an organization born beyond the material world that vowed never to succumb to frivolous worldly desires.

The Multiverse Brotherhood (MvB) formed 3 orders to combat evil and restore order to the world. They were known as the Order of the Pen, the Order of the Shield, and the Order of the Hammer. Each had its own mission but worked in unison to seek out and destroy all corruption throughout the multiverse. As the MvB grew and spread across the Multiverse, citizens flocked to join, believing there was hope for a better life—together.